OPTILOG creates, develops and delivers technology enabled business solutions for the logistics, trucking and Freight Forwarding industry.
We work at helping users to achieve superior operational efficiency and optimize time, cost and energy investments.OPTILOG is a European product and is based in Belgium and Singapore. The company is in hand of the founders, Jan De Bock, CEO, and Jan Van Looveren, CTO.
Our management and founders with more than 50 year experience in logistics and ICT, provide high-level creations for today’s dynamic Logistics, Road transport & Freight Forwarding world. Our passion is to dedicate our best technology and innovation know-how, our industry expertise and resources to working together with customers to make their businesses stronger.

Our product allows integration of a wide variety of functions including sales, road transportation, domestic, multimodal, export and import, documentation, warehousing, equipment management, empty packing management, invoicing and general finance.

OPTILOG is build up on a cloud/SaaS solution.



OptiCrm is the heart of our Cloud software.It?s the link from sales to operations and finances. OptiCrm make your life easier with the centralized view and registration of suppliers and customers.

A complete sales follow up and the quotations part make a streaming of the order process ready till invoicing. Where you are, on the road, in the office, with your customers, behind your pc, on your tablet or smartphone, OptiCrm is the database in your hand 24 hours long.

Global logistics


Optilogistics generate your forwarding process for domestics and international cargo. If you ship your containers, conventional or bulk cargo, this by air, vessel, train, barge, truck container, OptiLogistics give you in 1 page the completely order flow, finances and invoicing. The unique integration of the sales quotation system into the forwarding process makes your work without errors and misunderstandings.

All your documents (B/L, transport order, delivery order, and more) are generated by a document system and linked to your order. OptiLogistics makes connectivity to your customers as a fact. Track and trace forwards to your principals give you advance towards your competitors.


OptiRoad is specially made for managing your truckloads. If you are a 3PL, a broker, a trader or a trucking company, OptiRoad give you the answer to manage your flows on the road. The transport management system makes it easy to plan for 1 truck or even 1000 trucks at a daily base.

The order process gives you an immediate financial result so you can optimize your cargo. Your customers and yourself will be satisfied with a track and trace system that gives you the position of your cargo and truck by mobile. The answer on the Just in Time demands.



OptiPortal is the web-access for your customers and suppliers. Secured passwords give the customers and suppliers access to the cloud system. The connection give a complete track and trace system from operations, reports, invoices and documents. The tool simplify the working and communication process with your relations so your operations will be more cost friendly and increase the productivity.

The portal allow connections with the newest GPS-technologies what give you the opportunities to connect with your customers and suppliers to optimize just-in time operations. The portal is unique and give all answers 24 hour forwards your customers without any intervening of your staff.

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